Our Mission:

As members of the philanthropic arm of the Greek Orthodox Church, we set forth our endeavors with the spiritual guidance of our Parish Priest, Father Michael Diamond.   We give our time, talents and treasurers, in an effort to fulfill, creatively and in fellowship, the charitable goals and commitments of our community, our Church, and the National Philoptochos.  We alleviate the suffering of those in need.   

We Aim To: 

● Understand current social and economical issues in order to broaden our scope of philanthropy.  

● Provide opportunities to serve the church.

● Provide an “In Reach” and “Out Reach” program to meet the needs of the families within our parish. 

● Prepare and offer informative lectures, seminars and cultural exchange.   

● Provide enriching and stimulating meetings.  

● Assistance to individuals provided through short-term intervention, motivational support and referral to other local and civic resources.  

● Promote friendship with other Orthodox woman. 

● Provide education and awareness so as to encourage understanding and compassion for those who suffer with life threatening diseases and educate the community concerning the needs of the older adults and the aging community. 

Fulfilling Our Mission:

Through our established Standing and Special Committees, we hope to efficiently meet the needs of all those in need and satisfy our commitments at National, Metropolis, and Local Charity levels.  We have a devoted board of women, who have taken an oath (see below) to uphold the duties of the Philoptochos and they, like many, are volunteers who need support.  


Have a charity in mind that you don’t see here and would like us to consider supporting?  Have suggestions on providing these and other services to our community?   Let us know by sending your requests to  Would you like some hands on participation? Or would you like to help in other ways and don’t know how? Become a Philoptochos member! 

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Philoptochos Oath of Office:

 On this day, I do solemnly affirm and pledge before all that I will serve our Lord Jesus Christ and confess my faith in Him by feeding those who are hungry, providing drink for those who are thirsty, clothing those who are naked, providing a home for those who are orphans, welcoming strangers, caring for the sick, offering aid to victims of natural disasters, assistance to the handicapped and the aged, visiting those who are in prison and being merciful and compassionate towards everyone destitute and in need, as well as fulfill all of the administrative duties and obligations required of the Board of Directors of Agia Magdalene Ladies Philoptochos. So help me God

Philoptochos functions on three levels:  


Agia Magdalene Philoptochos has supported:

National Charities:   Holy Cross/Hellenic College, Scholarship Fund-Holy Cross, Cancer Fund, Ecumenical Patriarchate, International Orthodox CC (IOCC) Saint Photios Shrine, and Saint Basil AcademySt Michaels’s Home for the Elderly, International Orthodox Christian Charities, Go Red Campaign, Dress for Success Program, Autism, Alzheimer’s, and The Children’s Fund.

Metropolis Charities: Emergency Relief, Social Service Fund, Support a Camp Good Shepard Child

Local Charities: Saint Anna Greek Orthodox Church, Good News Home for Woman, S.A.F.E. Woman’s Shelter, Shoes for Orphans, Angel Tree/Adopt a Family, Breast Cancer Center, and Food Pantry. If you would like to see us support others, please let us know -