Stewardship in the Orthodox Faith


Stewardship in the Orthodox Faith Means Giving Freely of Your Time & Talents

As Orthodox Christians, we are called to a new way of seeing things - a new way of life. Our stewardship is obedience to the greatest commandment to "love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength." We are called to bring others to commit their lives to Jesus Christ in such a way that leads to the joy of knowing Him personally and profoundly.

We see the world as God's gift, as a sacrament of God's presence and a means of communion with Him. And so we are able to offer the world back to God in thanksgiving as we say in every Divine Liturgy "Thine own of Thine own we offer to thee..."

It is right to praise the, to give thanks unto thee and worship thee in every place of thy dominion; for thou art God inconceivable, invisible, incomprehensible, ever existing and eternally the same. For all these things we give thanks unto thee, and to thine Only begotten Son, and thy Holy Spirit; for all things of which we know, and of which we know not, and for all the benefits bestowed upon us both seen and unseen."

From the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

To learn more about our stewardship program, please contact Father Anastasios or Jorge Ferreira, our Stewardship Chair.

Click HERE for the 2020 Stewardship Form.