St. Anna Choir Music Ministries:  

Choir Director: Diana Grina

The choir music ministries of our parish include a liturgical choir, a youth mentoring program, and concert choir. The choir is a member of the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians and the Eastern Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians. The details are below. If you or your child would like to participate, please contact the Director, Diana Grina at the email address above.

Liturgical Choir: The St. Anna Liturgical Choir sings during the Divine Liturgy and special Feast Days from late September through Pentecost. The choir strives to reach both the old and new generations of parishioners with spiritually uplifting music.  Orthodox hymns are sung in both English and Greek and knowledge of Greek is not required. English phonetics are provided for all music sung in Greek. Rehearsals are scheduled periodically based on need and we work to accommodate the busy schedules of most participants.

Youth Mentoring Program: For young singers (8 + up), we offer a mentoring program that helps singers ‘shadow’ adult participants during the services so that they may learn the music while in church. This helps ease the entry into the choir by our youth and eliminates the scheduling demands for rehearsals held during the week. Often it is the commitment to a schedule of rehearsals that prevent participation by youth who may be a bit hesitant or have fully booked calendars. While being in the choir on a regular basis helps with learning the music quickly, we know this is not always possible and though desired, it is not expected. We welcome youth to come up to the choir, whether they come late or not. It is preferable, if possible, to let the director know so we can plan for their participation.

Concert Choir: In addition to singing during religious services, choir members have also participated in public concerts of sacred music for various philanthropic causes.  These include our own “Sing Gloria!” Christmas Concerts, as well as participating in the Joyeux Noel Interfaith Christmas Concert held at Immaculate Conception Church to aid the area food pantry. We have also hosted and participated in the Spirit of Lent Concert, held by the Eastern Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians.       

The Groundbreaking of St. Anna

St. Anna Thyranixia service

Christmas Benefit Concert


Spirit of Lent Concert at St. Anna