•To establish a Greek Orthodox Church and set the foundation for spiritual growth, cultural continuity, and educational values.


•“To fulfill the needs of Greek Orthodox Christians in Hunterdon County and the surrounding area who share our spiritual and cultural values by providing a place of prayer, fellowship and renewal.”

Implementing our Vision & Mission

•"Building Our Future Together" was our powerful message that enabled us to endure many challenges.

•14 years later we are blessed with a beautiful church, vibrant community and a bright future.

•Today, "Reflecting the Son’s Light" is our inspiring message as we transition from building our church into implementing our mission.

•This is the time where united we can make our foundational vision strong enough to last for generations to come.


•“Not only does our community bring the Greek Orthodox faith to this area, but with our annual festival we are also able to bring a taste of Greek culture to Hunterdon County.”

•“ I just joined St. Anna and love it here. Welcoming and kind people!”