Greek Language Education

Greek Language Education

The Greek School Preschool and Kindergarten is open to children starting at age three. The class is taught by volunteers from the community.

The Upper School curriculum focuses on speaking, listening, and comprehension skills rather than on grammar or formal writing. Please keep in mind that children are not expected to master the goals of the program within a year or two, but over the course of several years and with parental involvement.

The program, entering its tenth year for our Church, is directed by Bia Stavrakas, and feedback from parents  has been very positive about the administrators development for the customized curriculum.

The Greek School utilizes the Papaloizos textbooks and materials as a foundation, and the program is designed to develop the language skills of those children who may not speak Greek regularly in the home, while emphasizing the beauty of the culture and traditions.

Preschool instructors work on a volunteer basis, and the program does not institute a tuition but instead ask for a $100 donation per child to cover expenses.

Upper School tuition is $450 for the first child of St Anna Stewards and $650 for the first child of non-Stewards. Second and third child for St Anna Stewards is $350 and $250, respectively, while second and third child for non-steward families is $650, respectively. Tuition covers the entire academic year.

Adult Greek School tuition is $200/$400 for Stewards/non-Stewards.

For more information, please contact Maria Sfoundouris at